Hnvestordao, looking for unicorn projects in the defi field, has created a trillion level autonomous venture capital fund

Since this year, the layout of venture capital has been in sharp contrast to the tepid market.

Even if the market trend is blurred, it has not stopped the VCs from pouring huge amounts of funds into various sectors of cryptocurrency. In April, 244 financing transactions occurred in the encryption industry, a record high. Not only the in circle capital such as a16z, but also the large-scale traditional capital such as Sequoia Capital, ark invest and qiaoshui fund have begun to directly set foot in the encryption field。

In the past, we used to regard venture capital as the weathervane of encryption prosperity. However, with the accumulation of venture capital, we have to think about the B side of this matter - Web3 is increasingly controlled by large VC companies such as a16z. As Jack Dorsey, former CEO of twitter, said, "users do not own Web3. The actual owner of Web3 is a large venture capital institution behind the project."

Through capital, these VCs will reach directly to the project entity, allowing the project to obtain financial support, but also "lose" certain control, and must accept various special exchange conditions. As for ordinary investors, they have almost no chance to participate, and can only accept the tokens of various projects dumped by large VC companies at a high price. All this is very inconsistent with the decentralized core of Web3.

As the mode becomes more and more mature, the decentralized investment organization - hnvestordao (investment Dao) is expected to change this pattern. Their operation mode is fairer, more transparent and not subject to centralized control. They deliver value beyond capital for the project. More importantly, they also bring investment opportunities in the Web3 world to a wider group。


Investment fund in Dao field

Hnvestordao is a decentralized autonomous venture capital fund, which is jointly initiated by a number of early practitioners in the encryption industry, investment research experts, contract auditors and industry opinion leaders, focusing on value discovery in the blockchain field. Gain wealth growth of the entire blockchain industry by investing in digital currencies.

The original intention of hnvestordao is to launch a decentralized VC so that everyone has an equal opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Through Dao, which is fair, just and transparent, it connects projects, people and capital, gives full play to the group wisdom to empower the project, and also opens up a new investment direction for ordinary investors, forming a win-win situation.

As a decentralized financial innovation fund platform, hnvestordao, from the perspective of community participants and ecological construction, takes the innovation of DFI technology as the starting point, takes more consideration of users' good experience and simple operation in technology development, and takes value creation and application landing as the strategic layout direction. It plans to build a platform covering decentralized loan agreement finance, decentralized token exchange agreement swap, decentralized insurance agreement insurance A set of perfect hnvestordao decentralized financial fund system has been formed by a number of ecological application products including decentralized Oracle protocol, decentralized synthetic asset protocol mirror, nftsystem decentralized card protocol and decentralized autonomous organization protocol Dao。

The entire fund organization has no company or boss. Every user is regarded as a citizen of the community. Everyone can set up their own autonomous fund and is the manager of the fund. The initiators themselves can freely set the trading concept, strategy and management distribution mode, and win the support of more token holders through their own performance, dividend and risk sharing mechanism. Community funds will be entrusted in smart contracts. At the same time, the use of funds and the development of the community will be jointly decided by each citizen. Citizens of different levels have different levels of community rights and interests.

For example, if I am optimistic about a project on the platform, I will put my token into each project, even if I have completed this investment. Investors can intuitively see the past performance, risk resistance, profitability and investment diversification of each project through ranking and platform data analysis.

Value support of HTR

HTR, as a platform style token, has a total issuance of 949million, which is different from other blockchain projects and does not represent a technical model. It represents the share of the decentralized autonomous venture capital fund of hnvestordao. An HTR token is equivalent to a share of hnvestordao fund, and the price of HTR represents the net value of the fund.

The hnvestordao autonomous fund itself is a combination of funds initiated by numerous individual fund managers. The pricing unit of each project is HTR, the platform's parent currency. After years of experience, better projects have been supported by more and more investors on the platform, and each project has received investment return and triggered the growth of net worth, which represents that HTR has stronger purchasing power, that is, the market price of HTR is higher.

Therefore, the value of HTR does not lie in the system itself, but in the symbiotic state in which all HTR holders have formed through the long-term joint efforts of numerous fund managers (citizens) to jointly contribute ideas and suggestions to the market value management of hnvestordao autonomous fund.

The value of HTR token is supported by these two points:

1. it originates from the future development of the whole blockchain industry. Its value lies in mining the value of other blockchain projects.

2. investment and risk control system derived from the survival of the fittest and self evolving。

The possibility of infinite evolution

In the past, a senior founder of private equity fund once told us that a good financial product is to make complex financial operations and results into standardized products that every ordinary person can easily buy without understanding its internal investment process.

But can the inner process really be understood? People not only hope to obtain income, but also want to know about the fund's investment projects, participate in the fund's decision-making, communicate with other participants, communicate with the fund's decision-makers, and even the decision-makers are recognized and selected by the participants. The fund is not simply a pile of funds. The fund is a combination of people's will, a combination of funds' will, a pursuit of profits, and a grasp of the future. Hnvestordao will make the fund more interesting and fun.

Blockchain is a bridge of trust. Through the zero threshold and high transparency provided by smart contracts, the profitability of the fund is continuously improved through decentralized group wisdom. HTR can enable all investors to participate in the decision-making level. The hnvestordao autonomy foundation continues to draw wisdom from the autonomous community and the whole society, so as to realize its continuous evolution. Finally realize a perfect ultimate investment product。


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