Erik Finman's space program

With the continuous development of aerospace industry, today's aerospace is no longer mysterious, has become the topic of common people talk about after dinner. "Space dream", the common dream of mankind for thousands of years, is becoming more and more real, more and more clear -- the space age has arrived. Our space dream is in front of us, our journey will be the stars of the sea!
Erik Finman, an American bitcoin teenager, is the representative of the new generation of youth. As the student of Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, he has an innate advantage over most people. I have a deep understanding and sense of responsibility for the space industry.
He currently serves as the spokesperson and evangelist for Space X's airline days. Being ahead of The Times, he launched his own fan token, TCP. As a social experiment in the participation of all people in aerospace. TCP tokens will continue to deflate and eventually select the lucky ones around the world for free Space travel on spacex's Dragon spacecraft!

There are always people in the world who are constantly exploring and moving forward. The dreams of the new era and young people should all be in the sea of stars. Welcome to participate!



Deek Mr

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