PlaNFT hit the big time, splitting up $100,000 MATIC airdrop

On June 15, 2022, PlaNFT will share 100,000$MATIC airdrop to launch the Web3.0 experience carnival! Planft is an NFT+ trading platform that integrates NFT marketplace, NFT casting, club building and other social protocols. Planft perfectly combines the social tools of Web2.0 with the infrastructure of Web3.0. In a real sense, it has realized the block element universe construction with ProofofNFT as the verification method.
During the campaign, users who join the official TeleGram community and Discord community, follow Twitter and retweet and like top Air drop Tweets will receive 0.1MATIC air drop and be eligible for free MINTNFT to continue to participate in PlaNFT. And submit your product optimization and functional suggestions, you can participate in the division of 100,000$MATIC air drop, invite friends to participate in the activity can also increase the lucky value, the higher the lucky value, the more the number of MATIC divided!
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